The 10.3.2 beamline software is comprised of many data acquisition, utilities, and data analysis programs. The program names and their purpose is laid out below:

    XY Mapping

            This is the program used for x-ray fluorescence  mapping of a sample. It gives a 2 dimensional view of the elemental distribution in the sample.


                This program allows the determination of the fine structure of elements including chemical state and structure.


                This program allows a real time elemental full spectrum survey of anywhere the beam is hitting.

Data Analysis Software


        EXAFS Editor - Display and first stages of processing raw data

Kspace&background removal - Remove pre-edge and convert to knc(k)

Fourier filtering - Isolate shells and filter

Linear fit - fit data to sums of references, with optional E0 shift

EXAFS linear least-squares fit, combinations - find best combinations of 1,2,3... references to represent data

PCA - Principal components analysis, with target transformation

EXAFSfit - Multishell fitting with variable distance, CN, Ds2, DE0, asymmetry

Polarization fit - Analyzes data taken at various angles for polarization effect

XRF Mapping

XY Display - Display, tricolor maps, scatterplots and cross-correlation

Difference Map - Difference between maps taken at different energies

Mix&Match maps - take a channel from one map and put it into another

Ratio Map - Ratio between maps taken at different energies

Register - Shifts one map to make it line up with another

Decontaminate - Remove "leakage" of one channel into another


MCA Reader - Reads and displays MCA spectra

2-Column data editor - General program for operations on Y vs. X data

Plot, add, multiply - Plots several graphs on one page, also does weighted sums or products


    EXAFS editor
    Fourier filtering for EXAFS
    Linear Fit
    MCA spectrum reader
    Mix and match maps
    Ratio Map