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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Advanced Light Source
Andreas Scholl
last update: 03/11/2014
PEEM-3 is an aberration corrected photoemission electron microscope at beamline 11.0.1 of the Advanced Light Source.
Currently, PEEM-3 reaches down to 30 nm spatial resolution while the aberration correction is being commissioned. PEEM-3 is optimized for the study of the chemistry, structure and magnetism of thin films and surfaces, offers a very flexible sample environment with temperatures between 30 K and 1000 K, magnetic fields, short current and voltage pulses, and space for large samples or custom sample holders.The beamline uses a elliptically polarizing undulator with full polarization control and adjustable KB-optics to match the x-ray spot size to the field of view of the microscope. Sample loading is mostly automated.

Latest news:

10/15/2014 Cold stage performance

9/23/2014 New PEEM-3 manual.

9/17/2014 Thanks to Andrew we now have an in vacuum azimuthal rotation holder for room temperature experiments. Check out the new sample holder page.

8/28/2014 Proposal deadline for Spring 2015 is September 3.

8/6/2014 Schedule for Fall 2014.

6/13/2014 Research from PEEM-3 has been recently published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry: "Oxygen Spectroscopy and Polarization-Dependent Imaging Contrast (PIC)-Mapping of Calcium Carbonate Minerals and Biominerals" and Nature Nanotechnology "Thermal fluctuations in artificial spin ice".

6/13/2014 Draft schedule for Fall 2014. Please contact Tony or Andreas if you would like to request changes.

3/10/2014 Schedule for Spring 2014.

6/05/2013 Matthew Marcus is the new beamline scientist at Please contact Matthew before your beamtime and if you have questions about the PEEM facility and its capabilities.

4/02/2013 Schedule for Spring 2013

8/27/2012 Schedule for Fall 2012

8/27/2012 First (not optimized) PEEM-3 image using the mirror corrector

First image

August /2012 Aberration corrected optics installed.

First image

12/27/2011 Schedule for Spring 2012.

7/6/2011 Schedule for Fall 2011.

02/10/2011 Exciting low temperature PEEM results: Correlated domain structure in perovskite oxide superlattices exhibiting spin-flop coupling and Direct observation of imprinted antiferromagnetic vortex states in CoO/Fe/Ag(001) discs

12/01/2010 Schedule for Spring 2011.

9/14/2010 A new, faster sample manipulator has been installed. An improved cold holder is available for temperatures down to 20K (liq. He) and 105K (liq. N2).

9/2/2010 Program of ALS User's meeting workshop "X-Ray Spectromicroscopy and Photoemission Electron Microscopy (PEEM)".

8/5/2010 PEEM-3 cooling performance (29.5 K after 22 minutes).

8/5/2010 Revised! Schedule for Fall 2010.

12/1/2009 Schedule for Spring 2010.

11/2/2009 PEEM-3 reaches 32 K using an improved sample cooling system.

10/2/2009 User guest house now open.

3/25/2009 PEEM-3 is back in operation after repairs to the sample manipulator and transfer systems

1/25/2008 - High resolution images of a 25 nm width multilayer at PEEM-3

9/7/2007 - The Advanced Light Source started a new Postdoctoral Scholarshop Program. Check out this program if you are interested in PEEM or Ultrafast Dynamics.

7/12/2007 - Please check out the tutorials!

4/12/2007 - First user beamtime completed successfully at PEEM-3. Now available: Domain imaging and spectromicroscopy at 60 K using liquid Helium cooling.