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X-ray Photoemission Electron Microscopy

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Rajesh Chopdekar
last update: 03/30/2020
PEEM-3 is an aberration corrected photoemission electron microscope at beamline of the Advanced Light Source.
Currently, PEEM-3 reaches down to 30 nm spatial resolution while the aberration correction is being commissioned. PEEM-3 is optimized for the study of the chemistry, structure and magnetism of thin films and surfaces, offers a very flexible sample environment with temperatures between 30 K and 1000 K, magnetic fields, short current and voltage pulses, and space for large samples or custom sample holders. The beamline uses an elliptically polarizing undulator with full polarization control and adjustable KB-optics to match the x-ray spot size to the field of view of the microscope. Sample transfer from loadlock to microscope is fully automated.

Latest news:

03/30/2020 As of March 17, ALS has entered a warm standby state due to the Bay Area shelter in place order, and ALS user operations have been suspended until further notice. More details may be found at the LBL status webpage. Stay safe!

01/27/2020 Current schedule for Spring 2020.

09/10/2019 Recent research from PEEM-3 published in:

07/29/2019 Current schedule for Fall 2019.

02/27/2019 Recent research from PEEM-3 published in:

02/22/2019 Congrats to Maggie Xiao for earning the Best Student Presentation award at the 2019 Joint Intermag-MMM conference involving work done at PEEM-3, presented as "Single Domain Magnetoelastic Terfenol-D Microdisks for Particle and Cell Manipulation." See here for details about the award.

02/05/2019 Current schedule for Spring 2019.

08/22/2018 Research from PEEM-3 has been recently published in Nano Letters: "Patterning-Induced Ferromagnetism of Fe3GeTe2 van der Waals Materials beyond Room Temperature"

08/15/2018 Current schedule for Fall 2018.

07/22/2015 Save the date for LEEM/PEEM-10 in Monterey, CA, on September 11-15, 2016.

07/01/2015 A PEEM microscopy study of the AFM to FM phase transition of FeRh by C. Baldasseroni et al has been highlighted in JoP.
Figure 1.

06/30/2015 Current schedule for Fall 2015.

12/17/2014 Research done at PEEM-3 has been published in Nature: “Deterministic switching of ferromagnetism at room temperature using an electric field.” Here is a link to the LBNL press release: "Switching to Spintronics."Conceptual illustration of how magnetism is reversed (see compass) by the application of an electric field (blue dots) applied across gold capacitors. Blurring of compass needle under electric field represents two-step process. (Image courtesy of John Heron, Cornell)

10/15/2014 Cold stage performance

9/23/2014 New PEEM-3 manual.

9/17/2014 Thanks to Andrew we now have an in vacuum azimuthal rotation holder for room temperature experiments. Check out the new sample holder page.

8/28/2014 Proposal deadline for Spring 2015 is September 3.

8/6/2014 Schedule for Fall 2014.

6/13/2014 Research from PEEM-3 has been recently published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry: "Oxygen Spectroscopy and Polarization-Dependent Imaging Contrast (PIC)-Mapping of Calcium Carbonate Minerals and Biominerals" and Nature Nanotechnology "Thermal fluctuations in artificial spin ice".

6/13/2014 Draft schedule for Fall 2014. Please contact Tony or Andreas if you would like to request changes.

3/10/2014 Schedule for Spring 2014.

6/05/2013 Matthew Marcus is the new beamline scientist at Please contact Matthew before your beamtime and if you have questions about the PEEM facility and its capabilities.

4/02/2013 Schedule for Spring 2013

8/27/2012 Schedule for Fall 2012

8/27/2012 First (not optimized) PEEM-3 image using the mirror corrector

First image

August /2012 Aberration corrected optics installed.

First image

12/27/2011 Schedule for Spring 2012.

7/6/2011 Schedule for Fall 2011.

02/10/2011 Exciting low temperature PEEM results: Correlated domain structure in perovskite oxide superlattices exhibiting spin-flop coupling and Direct observation of imprinted antiferromagnetic vortex states in CoO/Fe/Ag(001) discs

12/01/2010 Schedule for Spring 2011.

9/14/2010 A new, faster sample manipulator has been installed. An improved cold holder is available for temperatures down to 20K (liq. He) and 105K (liq. N2).

9/2/2010 Program of ALS User's meeting workshop "X-Ray Spectromicroscopy and Photoemission Electron Microscopy (PEEM)".

8/5/2010 PEEM-3 cooling performance (29.5 K after 22 minutes).

8/5/2010 Revised! Schedule for Fall 2010.

12/1/2009 Schedule for Spring 2010.

11/2/2009 PEEM-3 reaches 32 K using an improved sample cooling system.

10/2/2009 User guest house now open.

3/25/2009 PEEM-3 is back in operation after repairs to the sample manipulator and transfer systems

1/25/2008 - High resolution images of a 25 nm width multilayer at PEEM-3

9/7/2007 - The Advanced Light Source started a new Postdoctoral Scholarshop Program. Check out this program if you are interested in PEEM or Ultrafast Dynamics.

7/12/2007 - Please check out the tutorials!

4/12/2007 - First user beamtime completed successfully at PEEM-3. Now available: Domain imaging and spectromicroscopy at 60 K using liquid Helium cooling.